Selling a home involves strategy and knowledge about the current housing market your house currently resides in. Andrew can help you sell your home by increasing market exposure and establishing a pricing strategy for your home.  Read below to find out more on how to price your home and understand the strategy behind selling a home.

How To Price A Home

A home will sell for two reasons: price and exposure. In the real estate market for the 21st century, exposure has taken a new turn with the advancement of many Internet technologies for real estate.

When considering putting your home up for sale, it is very important to first analyze your real estate market on a subdivision level, not a metro-area level, to derive the features and amenities that are driving the value in your neighborhood. You must then establish a pricing strategy, in accordance with your financial and timing needs.

Understanding Your Local Market

The next step to selling your home is to make sure that you have leverage. Leverage is the key ingredient to winning in a real estate transaction. When selling a home, leverage is achieved by pricing your home at a market price that will attract the most amount of buyers for your area.

Negotiation and Market Pricing

Homes can be priced one of two ways: negotiation and market. Pricing for negotiation will result in exactly what a seller expects: negotiation on the asking price. Pricing at market will allow your home to be exposed to the widest range of buyers and enable the seller to have a leveraged position in the real estate transaction.

Getting Additional Help

As you can see, pricing your home is a very detailed and thorough process. It’s good to know that there is help available across the nation from real estate professionals that are looking out for your best interest.

When selling your Des Moines home, contact Andrew. As an award-winning real estate agent, he will work closely with you and help you find your dream house.