Moving Checklist

Des Moines Home Source Moving Checklist

2 months before move

Organize a binder/folder for all moving records & documents
Plan your transportation moving method (truck rental, friends, etc.)
If necessary, rent a storage facility
Call and schedule disconnection/connection of utilities at old and new place
Organize transfer of children’s school and medical records
Dispose, donate or sell any items you no longer need
Obtain packing and moving materials
Reduce the amount of pantry food
Fix any easy home repairs

1 month before move

Confirm moving arrangements
Begin packing infrequently used items
Clearly label boxes by room and content
Request change of address at a post office
Notify banks, employer, credit card, insurance and utility companies about move

2 weeks before Move

Take time off work for moving day if necessary
Take your vehicle in tune-up if you’re traveling far
Continue packing and cleaning
Pack frequently used items separately
Clean out safe deposit box

1 week or less before move

Refill any necessary prescriptions
Pack a suitcase for easy access to few days’ worth of clothes
Defrost the freezer
Reconfirm that proper moving arrangements are in order
Plan for moving payment

Moving Day

Pack up any items left
Perform a walkthrough of entire house
Lock all windows and doors
Turn off lights
Take inventory of all items
Sign bill of lading/inventory list